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Vanessa C-Smith nee Crittenden

 Why Healing? Why Me? These were questions I asked myself at a very young age while I was being told again and again; You're a Healer. What does that mean? Read my pages to find out.


I was told healers don't choose to be a healer, they are chosen. It scared the heck out of me, because it was a huge responsibility, and I wasn't sure I wanted to commit my life to this. I thought I wanted a normal life, the one society said I wanted. Following that belief, I lived a lie, not honouring who I was, disregarding my needs, living a fake life, until my awakening.....


My childhood and early adult years were filled with dysfunction and chaos which put me in a self-destruction path to kill my pain. I was lost. I endured narcissistic abuse from several inflictors who destroyed my self-esteem while they used and abused me for their own personal gains. I had "guardian angels" who loved and tried to help me, but my stubbornness kicked in with, "I can do this on my own, F-you, I don't need you 

attitude which made me strong, but taught me to sacrifice my needs and to over-give. 

My saving GRACE is, I was psychic from the age of 4, I read people's energy to see and feel things. I was the confidant for most people and their 

problems being a great listener without having judgements or opinions. I've always felt a protective, LOVING energy surround me, knowing I was going to survive. My last words to my biggest abuser were, "you purposely crushed and destroyed me, but you never broke my SPIRIT." I trusted I'd always been living in the Grace of God because I had so many mystical experiences and signs shown to me throughout my life.

I knew if I survived, I was under every obligation to teach people about LOVE, how to LOVE your past to HEAL it, to LET IT GO. To see that if we FORGIVE and move forward with a LOVING HEART it would be returned to us. When I 

owned that I was a healer, I started living in service to myself first, through self-love, then others, then the planet as a collective whole. The struggles and discomfort lessoned and the gifts started to flow. I have no regrets for any lessons in my life as they made me who I am today. 


I vibrate in a high LOVE frequency while being so grateful and truly happy for everything. I totally BELIEVE the UNIVERSE has my back with the endless signs I am constantly shown, so I jump when I am guided. I LOVE giving of me, my time and my LOVE. I spend money traveling the world to connect with people and places studying 

Metaphysics and energy, absorbing everything so I may write and teach about it. It's important for me to SHARE my personal journey to help and inspire others,  to BE FREE TO BE ME...   BELIEVE.. Vanessa