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Pay It Forward

So many people have touched my life in many ways but none more than children. I've always had a special place in my heart and LOVE for them. They are the natural healers of our world because they play...and it's when we play, we heal...I too have kept my inner child and see everything through the eyes of wonderment 

for what is possible....and I play big time. 

I LIVE and LOVE in Grace which allows me to give back. Please join me if you feel inspired by donating any amount to the amazing causes I support and know your money will be creating miracles. All the donors, notifications will be posted here on how your funds were dispersed, updated pictures with a Gratitude letter from the children. 


I had the honour of spending numerous play days with these gorgeous grade 6 girls from a remote village outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. They were brought to the city to attend our "Acts of Kindness Festival". I fell in-love with them. I asked what their dreams were for their future, which they exuberantly told me, but found out later they may never be fulfilled.


Due to money restrictions within families boys are considered for education before girls. Girls may go to school until grade 10, but after that it's optional. This primary school accommodates 612 students from four surrounding villages and a number of these children walk 3-4 km's between their homes and their school. Right now these twelve girls need bicycles.

CAMBODIA - December 2016
GIRL'S GRADE 6 CLASS IN NEED OF BICYCLES - $US 45.00 per bicycle including delivery